Drinks Coaster Invitations

CO209 - DRINKS.jpg
CO209 - DRINKS.jpg

Drinks Coaster Invitations


A pretty pack of Drinks Coaster Invitations with space to fill in on the reverse.

These pretty pastel Invitations were lovingly designed in our Oxfordshire studio and are supplied as a pack of 8 invitations with 8 rustic kraft ribbed envelopes. Packed in a clear Perspex box.

Co-ordinating thank you's and party invitations are also available. See our other product listings.

Made from:
Printed on genuine coaster stock produced from wood pulp, which is a mix of recycled paper pulp (approx 85%) and Scandinavan indigenous softwood. The softwood is sourced from forests that adhere to the 'susatainable forestry progam' where more trees are planted than are felled. Printed using vegetable inks.

Coaster: 9.4cm x 9.4cm | Envelope: 10cm x 10cm

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